7 Easy Ways you can Automate Contracts with Office 365 and SharePoint

If you are looking to reduce time taken to draft, review and co-author contracts, this document is for you. Alongside efficient collaboration, contract automation also helps in carrying out post-award activities. Using automatic reminders for tracking renewals and obligation deadlines you stand a higher chance at minimizing contract related risks and be successful at achieving your contract management goals.
In this document, you’ll learn 7 easy ways to Automate Contracts using Office 365 and SharePoint:

Digitize your Legacy Contracts

Contract Repository with Access Control

Advanced Search & Text Analytics

Automatic Alerts & Notifications

Self Service Contract Process

Workflow Automation & Audits

Contract Performance & Custom Reports

About Optimus BT
Optimus BT helps organizations implement the next generation of Enterprise grade Contract Management solutions on Office 365 and SharePoint. It benefits businesses by automating various contract lifecycle and governance processes which includes authoring, review and approvals, obligation tracking, sign offs & performance management.

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