eContracts for O365

eContracts 365 provides an actionable solution that helps organizations have a intelligence and visibility into opportunities and risks inherent in Contract repositories. It streamlines operational scenarios where large volumes of day-to day contracts are executed in an uncontrolled process and contract decision making in high value and high risk strategic relationships. eContracts’ tight integration with Microsoft Suite of applications lets teams derive immediate benefits without drastic changes in the way they work.

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360° Contract Records
eContracts provides visibility into contracts and brings together all the aspects of contractual relationships, resulting in healthy counterparty relationships. All the information of financial, business, legal and strategic aspects are captured in a single record and enable users to gain insights, manage workflow, automate and personalize business process across enterprise that improves customer experience at any point of service effectively. All the data is seamlessly captured as a part of the process and is always synchronized with user’s email, calendar and authoring tools based on permissions and security access.
User Configurable Data Fields
Configurable Metadata Management allows users to define and personalize the data that has to be captured in a contract record. The data fields can be of a wide array of types including, but not limited to, text, number, currency, date, drop down list, and lookups. The basic fields for contract administration, lifecycle and governance is available out of the box – user can define their web-based forms using any of these elements at any number of time. In addition, the users can use role based access controls to define which of these fields will be visible for action to who in the workflows. With custom field function, administrators can set-up new data fields on data entry forms for various business entities such as Contract Records, Document, Counterparties or for a specific type of contract or counterparty.
Configurable Self Service Forms
It’s application architecture allows you to extend the contract process to the business with its predefined fields that ensure you to configure the application as per your work processes and project requirements without needing any costly application development resources and conventional software development Lifecycle practices. Replete with a fully-featured input form configurator, administrators can easily add, edit and rearrange metadata fields as required, without any messy programming. These dynamic, wizard like forms can render fields based on the type of user (end users, paralegals, administrators), stage of Contract or the type of Record.
Native Integration with O365
Deployed on Azure platform and configured with Office 365 subscription that is maintained by Microsoft- assuring 99.99% security, availability, scalability and easy to use. Microsoft’s global network of data centers provide reduced latency and high network bandwidth, providing a formal system to manage contracts with vendors, customers, partners, suppliers and allows you can also share your links with Counterparties.
External Sharing Portal
Office 365 platform, with its rich and flexible ecosystem of collaborative features allows you to share the contract details with the external Counterparty stakeholders in a secure fashion. It helps in much faster negotiations, collaborative authoring of contracts, permitted amendments and much more. They can access and comment on the contract documents or upload a new version.

Its automatically alert and real time updates increases renewal awareness and helps legal teams to renew contracts without getting unnoticed. Its which helps in taking quick decisions on legal and business ends for both parties.

Implementing Contract Governance & Compliance
Ensures enhanced contract visibility, better contract control by managing their performance and mitigating risks associated. It doesn’t just help you find your documents easily, it also streamlines your processes and ensures effective decision-making and transparency into policies, contracts, data and other processes at the same time. eContracts further helps you in setting up contract governance framework and contract lifecycle automation, which helps in data redundancy without failover capabilities which ensures contracts succeed.
Reliability with Azure
Backed by Microsoft’s growing number of global managed data centers – with data centers across 19 regions, has 99.95 percent availability and 24/7 tech support. Paying for only Operating Expenses and not for servers and on-premise hardware, its automatic upgrades and online presence reduces IT work. Its reliable backup & restore, quick recovery, and encryption ensures security protocols in place to protect sensitive contract information and enforces user Management policies.