Enterprise Connectors

Our connectors interact with customer’s existing ERP, CRM or any required client system, so that eContracts receives accurate data and provide advanced insights. With connectors implemented, customers can view valuable reports with consolidated data from both the systems. The data exchange of data can be allowed on bases of client requirement.

Active Directory
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud based directory and identity management service. Azure AD syncs the company contracts and creates the single-sign-on (SSO) to cloud. Active Directory could be used integrated on both SharePoint and O365 using its Active Directory connector.
Azure Active Directory Connect is the new connector which replaces Microsoft’s timeworn DirSync and Azure AD Sync. AD Connect has basically three components- synchronization, federation and monitoring, to create users and groups, and ensure that local and cloud AD information matches.
In addition to the features and functionality of contract management, eContracts has a comprehensive set of APIs for integration for other line of business applications into the contracts infrastructure. These APIs are built with extensions and scalability to make available to an organization, and API key is provided as part of the eContracts implementation for integration.

eContracts utilize third party email service provider ‘SendGrid’ APIs for delivery of various email alerts related to contract records and is also integrated with DocuSign and EchoSign for eSignatures of contracts.