Here’s a clue to why Contract Repositories fall short… by a mile…and how you can change it today.

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Andrew Bartels, Forrester Research
Ram Prabhala, Optimus BT
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  • Building on top of SharePoint & Office 365 Libraries to support enterprise level Contract management need.
  • How Microsoft cloud technologies has opened up new options for collaborative contract authoring, negotiations, & sign-offs.
  • How Outlook Emails & Calendars along with Word can be extended to be powerful tools in the Contract management arsenal.
  • Guidelines and Best practices for Contract standards adoption and implementing governance in the enterprise.
  • Analyst thought on taking Contract processes beyond Legal to business users.
  • How departments across the board, from- IT, Sales, to Procurement can use Contract software to improve counterparty relationships and financial obligations.
About Optimus BT
Optimus BT is helps organizations implement the next generation of Enterprise grade Contract Management applications on Office 365 and SharePoint and helps businesses achieve benefits by automating various contract lifecycle and governance processes including authoring, review and approvals, obligation tracking, sign offs & performance management.
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