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Valuable insights of corporate lawyers often stay latent, as they are held up with drafting and approving innumerable contracts. Our ‘eContracts’ is a robust end-to-end contract management solution, to help all corporate lawyers and legal departments to reclaim their spot and play a pivotal role in contriving strategic decisions of the organization or enterprise, while their complex contracts and matters are handled by eContracts.

Manage Enterprise Risk

Slake the superfluous and exorbitant time and expenditure of organization in appointing specialized lawyers to create, author and negotiate contracts. Corporate-legal can now create a global and regional legal playbooks for business, to use during the authoring process, thus ensuring contracts comply to regional specific needs.

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Streamline Workflow Processes

Enterprise Legal departments lose around 80% of their time in negotiating and reviewing contracts. eContracts helps you to save time and deliver profit by streamlining the workflow processes by increasing the turnaround time of contracts.

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Track your Trail

With eContracts, legal executives can now negotiate contracts in a secured fashion, as they can track the contract changes even post negotiation, if happens to occur by any personnel or counterparty. This feature gives assurance to the legal teams and contract administrators that they remain compliant, and enable them to generate a detailed audit report at any point of time.

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