Office & Email Addons

With our inbuilt clause library, you can tag clauses in the contract with vendor or counterparty, according to the need and demand of the business. It allows clause selection to manage compliance and risks of the contract.

Outlook App
  • You can add counterparty contracts for communications.
  • Attach communication as correspondence to the contract records
  • Provides alerts and reminders for renewals, contract expiry of the business users or the admins
  • Contract information is saved for every individual and communication tracks are saved inside eContracts.
MS Word
  • You can create contracts in MSWord and it facilitates self contract creation.
  • Different clauses can be defined and pulled in from Clause Library, including pre-approved clauses- inclusive and exclusive.
  • Creates contracts and also publishes versions for each edited document as version history.
  • Attain better visibility of contracts and updates of co-authors.
  • Provides information if the clauses pulled are same as library or edited, this helps in identifying any Compliance and Risk issue or if approval are required for the same.