Contract Migration

Accurately and rapidly migrate contracts with minimum business disruption to enable smooth transitions for customers engaged in migrations, upgrades, and archiving.

Our data migration service uses a clear process to mitigate risk and maximizes the opportunity for project success. This process has been applied by our consultants to deliver migrations of even the most complex data. We practice the fundamental of service management for migrating your valuable contracts.


Team resources for delivering the most complex projects with a presence backed up by a global reach.


Bridge for user configuration and ongoing integration for customized solutions.


With extensive experience, our process structures migrates projects successfully

How we do


Our consultants carry out a structural configuration to ensure that all aspects of the migration are functionally correct.

Migration Design

Covers the extraction and cleansing of the data, verification of the data and transformation of the data. These core steps follow our bespoke data migration methodology to enable a smooth data flow during the migration.

Testing Design

The entire migration would be tested from start to end, to ensure that it is functionally correct across all components.


A number of dry runs are carried out for the go-live strategy, allowing the go-live plan to be confirmed and refined as required.

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