Enterprise Data Integrations

Data integration has become increasingly important in cases of emerging systems of two companies or consolidating applications within one company to provide a unified and simplified view of the company’s data assets.

Understanding your Data

We understand that data for any business are the vital information, be it in any form. It helps to explore variability and optimize operations. eContracts platform integrates with many leading applications in distinct areas such as ERP, CRM, Sharepoint, SQL Database, Project Server, Legacy Systems and Electronic Signature.

Simplifying Silos of Data

With our experienced team, we understand use of ontologies which explicitly define contract terms and thus helps to resolve semantic conflicts. Our service does complete ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) of your data. Enterprise data integration empowers your organization to access all your fragmented contract data, create an accurate and consistent view of core information assets, and easily leverage these assets across the contract life cycle to drive business decisions and operations.

How it Helps You

What we provide you by our data migration is an integrated dashboard of your enterprise data and contract records with eContracts. You can view, access and operate on your metadata and transactional data that helps you to take contractual decisions. Provides you financial reconciliation for your orders, invoicing, payments and collections and helps you to budget for cost centres & allocation for procurements. All your contract management information is available on-the-go, when required, as required for sub-setting and sharing.

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