Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance! It’s not that complicated after all.

Filter down your governance and compliance policies to allay risks in contract lifecycle, the way you want it. OptimusBT’s contract management solution is designed to integrate with your existing processes and work effortlessly while allowing you the flexibility to control and curtail risks as per your procedures.

We improve the efficiency of your organization while lowering the cost of compliance. Our innovative conditional risk labeling solution allows you to proactively identify and manage risks across the lifecycle of a contract. We improve the efficiency of your organization while lowering the cost of compliance.

Risk & Compliance Features

Authorities Matrix Approval

Configure your organization’s authorities matrix by defining system boundaries, management lines of responsibility, and accountability. It also ensures that right contracts are reviewed and signed off by right people at right time during cross-departmental multi-party projects.

Contract Compliance Checks

Achieve complete compliance through our compliance workflows which enforces a stringent review process in order to identify missing metadata, approvers, documents, disjointed operating strategies, organizational silos, wasted resources, information and lack of data integrity or milestones.

Vendor & Third Party Management

Analyze extremely high volumes of data involving multiple parties across various regions and business units and identify, capture, assign, and track completion of tasks to implement preventive, and corrective controls to keep risks and compliance violations in check.

Conditional Risk Labelling

Proactively manage risks through our conditional risk labeling feature which flags risks based on pre-defined risk parameters such as contract value, counterparty type, and clauses by analyzing qualitative and quantitative processes to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Contract Archiving Policy

Customize your retention policies to reduce litigation, reduce storage costs, mitigate risks from a data breach and exercise full control on records management. It helps you to enforce standard policies such as contract deletion after 3 years of archiving and accuracy of record retrieval.

Audit Trail

Identify unauthorized alteration or deletion of files, changes or deletion of data and processes/procedures not being followed. This feature tracks and provides a report on each and every activity that has occurred throughout a contract’s lifecycle for any time audit review with complete history.
Start with eContracts Risk & Compliance!

Manage risks, customize your retention policies and improve the efficiency of your organization while lowering the cost of compliance- a healthy and successful organization.