IACCM & Optimus BT
2018 Contract Lifecycle Management Trends and Innovations

Thursday, March 29, 2018 2PM ET

Ram Prabhala

Ram Prabhala

CEO, Optimus BT
Andrew Bartels

Andrew Bartels

Forrester Analyst
Contract lifecycle management solutions are evolving, driven by the spreading adoption of cloud, ease of use of collaboration platforms like Office 365, and innovations in Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, and Big Data. New CLM solutions provide significant opportunities for companies to improve their contract process, gain better insights into contract performance and risk, and aggressively manage compliance issues.

Key topics covered in this webinar:

  1. How Cloud Technologies are creating opportunities for better CLM solutions.
  2. Role of Office 365 in CLM as an easy to use content and collaboration platform.
  3. Impact of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data on the future of CLM.
  4. How CLM solutions improve contract process and help you better manage risk and compliance.
  5. Learn more about Optimus Contracts & Legal Orchestration Platform for Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

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