An Asset Management Firm Implemented CLM Solution for Multiple Entities Across the Globe
Learn about the difficulties legal teams of a global Asset Management company experienced in managing massive volumes of contracts stored in multiple repositories across the globe. This case study will help you understand the common drawbacks of manual contract management. It shows why enterprises need a digital workflow engine to manage contract related tasks and tracking their execution. After reading this case study, you will understand how a contract management platform helps businesses scale globally and solves pain points like:
  • Manual management of contract renewals and approvals
  • Inability in tracking contract performance
  • Lack of standard workflows
  • Lack of a scalable and reliable repository for contracts
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About Optimus BT
Optimus BT helps organizations to implement the next generation of Enterprise grade Contract Management solutions on Office 365 and SharePoint. It benefits businesses by automating various contract lifecycle and governance processes which includes authoring, review and approvals, obligation tracking, sign offs & performance management.
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