Contract Administration

The first step towards improving any contract management process is setting up a well-organized contract repository. This repository would have consistent metadata and precisely manage contract renewals. Some critical tasks would be to ensure that signed copies are available with a quick search, documents are shared with the appropriate audiences, renewal alerts are sent out and obligations are accepted and met by all parties.

eContracts has a wide range of capabilities to automate administrative tasks that would inevitably save your organization several hundreds of hours of effort in the long run.

Contract Administration Features
Full Featured Contract Record

Full Featured Contract Record

Maintains a precise pathway of your contract records and removes the hassles: Our centralized repository assures protection and organizes your records through standardized digital filing systems in a transparent yet secured fashion.

Keyword & Full Text Search

Find your contracts quickly with our innate search capabilities: Our solution enables swift and easy access to your contract/document/metadata. You can locate contracts by their titles, counterparty names, documents and in various other ways.

Renewal & Expiration Alerts

Proactively manage fixed-term, evergreen, and long-term renewable contracts: Helps you to manage contract timelines with an added assistance of email notifications that informs you about contract expiry and renewal dates in advance.

Status & Renewal Reports

Gain deep insight into your onerous contract lifecycles: Without any laborious work yet keeps you updated through concise and immersive reports on contract status, milestones, obligations and renewals.
Contract Alerts & Reminders

Contract Alerts & Reminders

Stay vigilant with our customizable notifications: Creates automated alerts, which help you to keep track of important renewals and counterparty notice throughout contract lifecycles, providing more visibility into activities and reducing time lags.

Outlook Addin

Seamlessly operate eContracts from within Outlook: This convenient solution gives you control over shared documents, contract record creation, and review workflows. It also allows you to approve contracts and documents from within your inbox.

User Profiles & Security

Exercise sturdy control over data accessibility through user permission configurations: Permits modifications by authorized administrators and enables custom access to users and counterparties for tracking reports and activity tracking respectively.

Contract Amendments

Amend your contracts anytime: With our various actionable and extractable amendment options, easily track amendments to your contracts and get approval through our clear-cut approval workflows – every contract is held to compliance standards.

Take control with eContracts!

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