Clause Libraries and Authoring

Law departments are looking for ingenious ways to standardize common contracts while optimizing the process for custom contract drafting and negotiations. Contract documents contain both standard and deal specific ‘custom’ terms, conditions, obligations and commitments that need to be evaluated carefully.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used tool for contract drafting and reviews by attorneys. Most legal teams also have a preferred language along with internally agreed policies and playbooks, outlining acceptable alternate language usage. Contract templates and clause libraries enable lawyers to quickly draft, modify, negotiate and finalize agreements while being fully compliant. eContracts Author add-in for Word provides real-time visibility and modifications to these agreements even when working on documents someone else drafted.

Clause Library & Authoring Features

Centralized Clause Library

eContracts legal authoring enables you to create terms and clauses, which can be added to your Microsoft Word contract document through our eContracts Author App (Word Add-in).

Authoring Add-in for Word

eContracts’ Author App enables you to sync versioning and clauses to your Microsoft Word contract document from the centralized eContracts library.

Document Redlining

Document Redlining feature helps you to capture changes to your contract document, which erases the problem of overlooking rogue edits – now you can stay on the same page with everyone else.

Third Party Contracts

Contract documents, initiated by external counterparties can also be managed through eContracts legal authoring, providing an advantage in negotiating new agreement terms and in consolidating committals with the best terms.

Major & Minor Version

Publish as many versions of a contract document as and when required. The versioning of the document can also be segregated into major and minor, which makes version tracking easier.

Contract Document Cleanup Tools

Word Add-in feature refines individual remarks, revisions, and properties with due diligence as a part of negotiation etiquette, when presenting a document to an external party.

Manage Document Copies

eContracts Legal Authoring allows you to create and manage various document copies such as Official Copy, Clean Copy, and Execution.

See how lawyers work with eContracts

Our easy to use Word add-ins for and template automation for legal users are integrated real-time with online clause libraries. Try out to see the difference.
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