Contract Lifecycle Management

Very often, organizations fly blind when it comes to contract decision making due to lack of visibility, collaboration among stakeholders, ownership and accepted processes. Closely monitoring and taking appropriate decisions during crucial contract life cycle events such as negotiations, internal sign-offs, renewals, and amendments is the key for preventing most contract related confusions and disputes.

Our solution to this issue is built on a robust workflow and user task management engine, along with business user request workspace, contract pipeline, alerting and activity audit capabilities.

Contract Lifecycle Management
Contract Lifecycle Management Features
Contract Request Management

Request Management

Effortlessly manage the request workflows at any stage of a contract’s lifecycle including amendments, extensions, renewals, and reviews. Filter using request types to review and approve them.
Contract Finalization

Contract Finalization

Finalize contracts into active status, ensuring all obligations and compliances are attended to. Our finalization module allows you to systematically track approved, signed, and active contracts.
Contract Lifecycle Management Alerts

Business User Alerts

You will never miss a review or approval task and will always fulfill contractual milestones and obligations with the use of our gentle dashboard reminders and friendly email triggers.
Contract Pipeline Management

Contract Pipeline Management

Accelerate legal review, risk evaluation, business approval, and contract negotiation processes for requests and contracts with our specialized pipeline management module.
Contract  Lifecycle Time Metrics

Cycle Time Metrics

Monitor your contract management productivity through cycle time metrics feature, it helps to identify impediments at various stages and perform optimizations to minimize cycle times.
Contract Lifecycle Management eSignatures


Avoid exhaustive paper-based signature processes with our integration to online signature connectors such as EchoSign, DocuSign, and RightSignature.
Talk to our experts today for more information on how eContracts’ contract lifecycle management capabilities can help your organization, or how you can implement these into your current processes.
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