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eContracts Fall Webinar 2020
Managing collaboration, visibility & control over your contracts with eContracts and Office 365

Thursday, 12th November 2020 11 AM ET

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“Even in 2020, most companies lack a good system, process and strategy to administer or manage contracts within the organization.
Most contracts are stored in network or online folders and drives – Unmanaged and Orphaned – leading to missed contract deadlines, renewals, and sometimes to unplanned spend and/or revenue leakage.”
Webinar Highlights
Explore key contract management solutions and understand how eContracts drive CLM productivity & success








Automating contract lifecycle by eliminating paper and manual tasks

Enabling secure collaboration using review, approvals and signature workflows

Exploring native integrations & benefits of Microsoft

Improving contract visibility thorough search, alerts and reporting

Why should you attend our Webinar

Learn to drive CLM excellence with eContracts

Plan your CLM success Strategy

Find answers to contract management bottlenecks to improve CLM Efficiency

Understand & learn niche capabilities to streamline contract management further

Finding the real Contract KPIs & ROIs for better productivity

Take your contracts to the next level

Attend the webinar to leverage contract management for your organization

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Optimus BT helps organizations to implement the next generation of Enterprise grade Contract Management solutions on Office 365 and SharePoint. It benefits businesses by automating various contract lifecycle and governance processes which includes authoring, review and approvals, obligation tracking, sign offs & performance management.
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