IACCM & Optimus BT
In this webinar, we take a hands-on approach to show how organizations can take advantage of eContracts & Office 365 to streamline contract work on a centralized platform, improving contract cycle times and eventually boosting `contract management process performance.
Highlights of the Webinar:
  • Improved overall productivity through contract digitization
  • Key features and benefits of Request Automation & Queue Management along with eSignature functionality
  • Benefits of online negotiations, eApprovals and auto-assignment user workflows
  • Faster Analysis of terms & clauses with in-built discovery
  • Actionable alerts and notifications to track critical contract dates and avoid missed renewals
  • Work management queues for Legal and Contract Teams

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About Optimus BT
Optimus BT helps organizations to implement the next generation of Enterprise grade Contract Management solutions on Office 365 and SharePoint. It benefits businesses by automating various contract lifecycle and governance processes which includes authoring, review and approvals, obligation tracking, sign offs & performance management.
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