Global Implementations

Beyond geographies, we help you to grow.

Manage contracts and records geographically for different entities, while abiding by provincial laws and regulations and template standards. Its global visibility into contracts allows you to make amendments to existing contracts under its phase adaption and parallel implementation feature.
Our eContract is innated with multi-regional template standard support, which helps you to manage distinct contract formats with an added trait to identify entity going under contract of particular organization.

Its de-centralized and centralized support makes it easy to govern contracts, according to the need of an organization. The solution expunges risks of multiple currency conversions across multiple contract areas and its Global Clause library allows you to communicate and maintain within legal standards.

Global Implementations Support

Multiple Contract Areas

Manage contracts across multiple jurisdictions and with several business units globally, while abiding to the laws and contract standard templates of the particular geography.

Regional Templates

Perform and negotiate your business deals without regional language limitations with our supportive standardized regional templates and contract formats.

Related Counterparties

Manage a complete counterparty database inside eContracts of a particular enterprise. Also identify and track various entities in contract with our solution.

Multiple Legal Entity

Visibility across global and regional entities, enabling you to make amendments in existing contracts, if required in future.
Work and Success Beyond Geographies

Manage contracts globally while abiding by provincial laws and regulations and template standards. Amend existing contracts across global and regional entities.