Office 365 Contract Management

Automating Contract Management with SharePoint, Word and Outlook Online
eContracts contract management software

Office 365 Contract Management delivers a consolidated, collaborative and intelligent Contract management experience by bringing together contract metadata, documents, dashboards, activities and workflows.

Office 365 is pervasive, and is the default productivity suite in most enterprises. SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite provides secure repositories to store and collaborate on contract documents and access them anytime from anywhere. SharePoint libraries work well with Word, the de facto authoring software of in-house contract and legal teams.


(Data, Governance & Workflow)

Office 365

(Productivity Tools, Documents)

Unified CLM Experience


Contract Record + SharePoint Document Library

  • Upload contracts and metadata to SharePoint libraries, folders and sub-folders with two-way access and sync
  • Link documents from SharePoint Libraries into Contract or Counterparty record
  • Search, access and manage contract documents stored in SharePoint from Contract Record
  • Extract clauses and terms, index, and create metadata including for documents scanned in to SharePoint libraries
Contract Record + SharePoint Document Library
Authoring with Template Automation and Clauses + Word

Contract Authoring + Word

  • Document automation with Word templates and eContracts data capture forms in for contract creation
  • Access Clause and terms library from the Word interface for pre-approved language reference, clause assembly and alternate language replacement.
  • Keep Contract data, metadata and information in templatized document in sync

Document Collaboration + SharePoint Versioning

  • SharePoint document libraries provides inbuilt version control and history along with compare with past versions
  • With eContracts document viewer compare features, compare 3rd party contract language with your templates and standard clause library
  • Accept as new version or reject document edits from external counterpart users.
  • Conditional route for reviews based on metadata or usage of non-standard clauses.
  • Manage Contract record status in based on workflow outcomes of contract document.
Document Collaboration + SharePoint Versioning
Contract Correspondence + Outlook

Contract Correspondence + Outlook

  • Directly save documents and emails from Outlook to eContracts record as contract related correspondence
  • Spend less time switching between eContracts and Outlook copying email and contract related attachments.
  • Perform quick, common actions such as search, review workflow, renewals and approvals from Outlook
  • Contextually view contract and counterparty summaries in Outlook, for emails in your inbox.
  • Compose emails of with template attachments and contract summaries with a couple of clicks
Business’s Advantage, IT’s Convenience
Simplify life across the board for contracts, legal, project, and IT departments. eContracts builds on existing cloud investments and furthers the return on investments of your Microsoft portfolio.
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