Recoup your revenue!

Most of the industrialists depend on a conventional and convoluted channel of relationships to accomplish their sales objectives. With eContracts, you can gain visibility into all terms and obligations that were mutually agreed at a single glance and can also identify revenue leakages by presenting keen insight into channel sales activity.

Simplify contract negotiation and review process

With pending volume of contracts in the pipeline, executives often approve the contracts overlooking the risk of compliance and revenue loss involved. eContracts help businesses and channel partners to administer the challenges faced in negotiating and reviewing multiple kinds of contract with numerous resellers and distributors. It also ensures that there are appropriate terms and regulations which both agree on.

Contract Administration >

Reseller Onboarding

eContracts provides the platform to manage multiple intricated contracts that involve tracking distributors and resellers. It allows to onboard distributors and resellers under member eligibility criteria, as a set of rules to ensure profitable and risk-free partnership and business. It also ensures payments are conducted in compliance with channel contract terms while tracking down the partner sales to help managers decide channel incentives and volume – rebates.

Foresee your potential revenue

With eContracts you can manage and regulate potential revenues by analyzing prospective challenges and profitability, on basis of the data researched. This solution help managers to implement important decisions based on the forecasted potential revenue, extracted from all related contracts inclusive of performance-based contract, purchase agreements, volume, rebate contracts and so on.

  • Time Saved In Negotiating & Reviewing Contracts 80%
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