Configuration & Solution Delivery
Organizations often struggle to choose between a contract software and a custom built application because of different types of contractual arrangements, internal policies, and workflows. When it comes to delivering a industry specific solution or supporting a unique set of use cases, eContracts is unmatched in terms of flexibility and configurability and adapts like a development platform. All of this can be done without changing a single line of code. eContracts features have gone through rigorous research, testing, use cases, implementation scenarios and case studies and our implementation teams can determine the efficacy of the solution well in advance.
Non-technical administrators and business owners can easily perform changes to the software such as defining a new data model, contract policy, approval and review workflows, user roles and access, organization and reporting hierarchy, document types and templates. In addition to this, our modular architecture allows add-ons for specialized needs which can be used to add specialized reports, dashboards, connectors, and alerts.
Essential Configuration Areas
Contract Data Model
Document Templates
Contract Types
Document Automation Mapping
Workflow Routing
Organizational Hierarchy
User Roles
Permission and Role Mapping
SharePoint Library Synchronization
Master Data and Lookups
Business User forms
On-screen help text
Status and Defaults
Default Task assignments
Contract Finalization Process
Close Out Process
Standard Clause language
Emails and Alerts
Counterparty Onboarding Process
Account level configuration
Default Settings

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