Accelerate the velocity of your supply chain!

Optimus BT’s supply chain and logistics contract solution help organizations to increase velocity and improve the quality of their supply chain processes. eContracts aim to leverage customers to capture best deals, at 10 times the normal speed and gain overall visibility into contracts.

Collaborate with all stakeholders

Ensuring single point of entry for employees, customers and vendors, with the visibility and access to the latest version of the document concurrently- maintaining uniformity and improves compliance.

Contract Administration >

Visibility to Contracts

No more tracking contracts and reconciling manually. Keep track of obligations, rebates, and discounts. Our contract management platform is designed to make it easier for supply chain and logistics operation executives to take advantage and track all negotiated obligations, rebates, and discounts from the suppliers.

Financial and Obligation >

Go Global

We have a solution for you to take control of your global supply chain contracts. Our contract lifecycle management solution is standardized and perfected over the years, which help our customers stay in control of any contract originating from any part of the world.

Global Implementations >

  • Visibility To Obligations, Rebates & Discounts 100%
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