Stay On Top Of All Your IT Contracts!

IT department deals with complex affairs which are critical and susceptible to success. They are often responsible for governing contracts related to IT products, service purchases, IP rights etc. eContracts assist IT executives to efficiently manage these sensitive contracts without leaving their desk at all.

Track your individual and leased assets

It is quite strenuous for the IT department to maintain and track contracts of their own and leased assets. As a result, IT often faces unexpected service renewal expenses, some of them even overriding existing warranties. eContracts enables IT executives, to manage these expenses by linking contracts to each asset and receive timely reminders for upcoming renewals or expiries. eContracts also help executives to spend allotted budget more wisely on new assets or services, by giving them a monthly or yearly preview of their planned expenses.

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Administer license agreements optimally

The number of software licensing agreements in an organization might be minimal in comparison to other kinds of contracts. But, the monetary value of these agreements amounts to tens of millions, depending on the size of the organization and their IT usage, thereby, creating a necessity for the IT department to manage these contracts optimally. It is also more important for them to be aware of the terms and statements in these contracts to ensure compliance and permissible usage of their software. The Risk and Compliance feature of eContracts would leverage the executives to manage license contracts in a timely manner with adherence to all terms and regulations.

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Mitigate contract risks in outsourcing agreements

Each outsourcing contract is unique and it includes all possible kinds of risks. Executives with specific skills and knowledge are generally required to administer these contracts. Considering all possible risk factors and how to mitigate them are very important factors, while crafting outsourcing contracts. Executives can now form a genuine contract with all type of risks possibilities included through approved templates from eContracts.

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Reduction In Wasteful Time


Availability & Document Security

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