Contract Lifecycle Management with eContracts

Solving real-world challenges with a deep understanding of contract lifecycle end-to-end– from requests to closeout.

Successfully meet your contract management targets

Contract lifecycle management requires decision-making and keeping track of important events in the life cycle of contracts. eContracts helps organizations do so by standardizing the contract management process, including workflows, tasks, reminders, and notifications for contract renewals, obligations, milestones, and pending activities.
Contract Lifecycle Management

Renewals and Terms

eContracts support the setup of term types such as renewable, fixed-term and evergreen. Renewable contracts can be conveniently auto-renewed at the end of each term, with alerts sent out for authorization.
Contract Renewals and Terms
Contract Lifecycle Management

Amendments and Change Management

Amendment management summarizes and tracks modifications to contract as part of renewals, change requests or renegotiation processes. Secure key contract changes with amendment document template automation, workflows and esignatures.
Contract Lifecycle Management

Milestones and Reminders

Manage important dates that need to be tracked as part of the contract lifecycle. This can include renewal and expiration timelines, due dates for audit/renegotiations or project completion dates.
Contract Milestones and Reminders
Contract Obligation Tracking
Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Obligation Tracking

Track contract obligations such as payments, shipping, invoicing, rentals, report submissions as part of contract performance management. Set up email reminders for business users to fulfill and reconcile with obligations outlined in the contract. Also, report on missed and delayed obligations.
Contract Lifecycle Management

Status Management

Status management defines the current state and actions taken on Contract Records, documents and counterparty from the contract creation phase to the archival of a contract. Set up status based on contract lifecycle stage with the auto status transition to complete specific actions or conditions.
Contract Status Management
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