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Contract Management Software
eContracts is a cloud based Contract Management software that supports end-to-end contract lifecycle process automation. This CLM Software is built ground up on the Azure cloud platform and provides deep, seamless integrations with the Office 365 product suite which includes SharePoint, Word and Outlook online.
Contract Repository
Make contracts organized and searchable
Counterparty relationships are not bound by the signed contract alone. Get a 360-degree, one page view of the entire deal and lifecycle with eContracts contract record.
Contract Management Software - Contract Repository
Contract Management Software - Contract Analytics
Contract Analytics
Take decisions faster with data from contracts
Quality contract data is a valuable asset. Use data to identify potential non-compliance issues, estimate revenue from a business unit, to tactical decisions such as renewing a service or putting off a payment obligation for later.
Contract Collaboration
Improve visibility and teamwork
Get everybody ‘in the zone’. Bring together the collective strengths and expertise of legal, business and project teams to get the most out of your contracts.
Contract Management Software - Improve visibility and teamwork
Contract Management Software - Contract Legal Governance
Contract Legal Governance
Make contract processes compliant
Ensure standardized legal contracts and streamlined compliance. Embed policies and regulations to your core contract lifecycle and management processes.
Contract Efficiency
Increase operational efficiency and redefine productivity
It’s not surprising that automation leads to fewer todos and rework. The underlying benefit is ‘hundreds of saved hours’ your team can relocate in improving the CLM processes, building better vendor relations, hence boosting time-to-value for your procurement contracts
Contract Management Software - Contract Efficiency
Contract Management Software - Counterparty Negotiation
Counterparty Negotiation
Create stronger contractual relationships
Successful legal contracts are built on strong counterparty relationships. Keep your contract terms, obligations, changes and issues transparent via eContracts’ secure external sharing portal.
Contract Security
Safeguard your contracts with access control
Permission controlled contract areas, along with user access logs prevents accidental or malicious data loss plus unauthorized sharing or theft of sensitive contract data.
Contract Management Software - Contract Security
Contract Management Software - Contract Financials
Contract Financials
Understand the value of your Contracts
Demonstrate hard benefits by projecting revenue generated or savings realized over the lifetime of a contract and follow through with successful obligation management.
Industry Solution
Industry Solution
Scalable solution customized to meet your company’s diverse needs and industry regulations
Deployment options including Azure Private Cloud, Hybrid and SharePoint On-premise
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The eContracts CLM Software is built on Office 365 and SharePoint and takes advantage of the platform to provide you a full featured experience
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