Overcome your biggest hurdle of managing employee contracts!

Proactive management of employee contracts and ensuring adherence to the terms and duties to avoid any contractual breach is one of the main responsibilities entitled to the human resources department. With eContracts employee contract management, it is simplified and it enables HR department to use the saved time in performing strategic tasks that align with company goals.

Simplify contract creation and review process

A lot of time and effort of an HR is consumed in contract creation and negotiation, particularly in the process of hiring important top management executives and contractual employees. eContracts’ Document Automation and Workflow solution assists HR personnel to create contracts with company policies and apply special clauses, suitable to each employee’s job description and role. This avoids employee claims due to their contracts, which is being drafted in too similar terms to those of other employees. The solution also enables HR to track contractual changes during contract review and obtain approvals through automated workflows.

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Update recent policies concurrently

Change in employment laws or policies would require the HR to amend all employee contracts within the stipulated time to minimize risk. It also might be difficult at times to track employees due to changes in their role or business units, but it is important to update their related NDA’s during employment law changes. eContracts help HR’s to achieve this task effortlessly by adding the new policies in the Clause library as mandatory and reviewing contracts that become flagged on policy up gradation.

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Organised Documents


Reduction In Paperwork

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