Easy Contract Authoring and Reviews

Simplified contract creation process and faster contract reviews with workflows

Streamline your contract creation process and legal reviews

eContracts provides a simple contract creation process through use of pre-approved contract templates, Word add-in and document automation features. Share documents securely with third parties for negotiation, compare contracts with redlining and accelerate legal reviews with workflows. With eSignature integration, you can execute contracts faster than ever.
Authoring and Reviews

Template Authoring and Document Automation

Standard, frequently created contract documents can be quickly put together using pre-approved legal and business templates that come with workflows that trigger on any modifications made. Create variations of templates based on location, counterparty type and business usage. With document automation, key metadata is auto populated into the contract document.
Contract Authoring  Template
Contract Authoring Add-in for Word
Authoring and Reviews

Authoring Add-in for Word and Integrated Clause Library

Deep integration with Word through eContracts Author add-in supports clause assembly based authoring for inserting/replacing clauses and terms language from centralized Clause library. Included and excluded language is tracked in the contract record to support clause based search and reporting.
Authoring and Reviews

Document Review Workflows

Share contract documents for reviews and obtain feedback from internal and external users with workflow tasks, alerts and email-based sharing. Summarize terms and clauses, highlight exceptions to enable a quick review process.
Authoring and Reviews

Document Versioning and Redlining

When contract documents are modified, eContracts automatically creates versions of the contract with the same filename. This allows users to view previous versions, compare contracts and roll back to any previous state when required. Configure the version numbering schema and conditions for version creation with rules for ‘major’ and ‘minor’ changes.
Authoring and Reviews


After the negotiation process is complete and your contract is finalized, you can send the same for online signature. eContracts has integration with popular digital signature platforms like DocuSign and EchoSign. The signature process works intuitively and provides highest levels of security and universal acceptance.
eSignature integration in contract management
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