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eContracts enables your healthcare organization to streamline contract processes, with the controls you need to ensure efficiency while reducing risk and costs associated with non-compliance.

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Off-the-shelf contract management solutions for HIPAA covered entities
With our healthcare contract management solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform, hospitals are quickly able to rise-up to increasing demands of regulatory compliance, improving vendor performance, legal vetting and operational efficiency.
Our centralized governance approach helps hospital contract management teams improve visibility, audit and reporting across a myriad of contractual relationships from service providers and payor organizations to physicians.
Contract Management Software for Healthcare Industry - Optimus BT's eContracts
Priorities & feature highlights
Distribution & Procurement

Distribution & Procurement

Healthcare Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Non-disclosure & Exclusivity

Non-disclosure & Exclusivity

Healthcare Record Management

Invoice & Compliance Management


E-signature Integration with OCR

Get rid of emailing, printing, faxing, and scanning contract documents. Initiate contract processes directly from contract record interface Read more..

Compliance management and Auditing

Store sensitive information & conduct audits easily to map the contract performance and compliance with our advanced search capabilities, GxP protocols & Rfx tools Read more..

Predefined Data model and Reports

Prepare, negotiate & finalize all contracts in a single repository with our exhaustive clause & template libraries and share with relevant counterparties for audit & review Read more..

Support for multiple legal entities

Collaborate with multiple legal entities to draft and revise provisions & negotiate on the associated risks, timelines & budget allocation of the contracts with granular user access control Read more..

Business and legal review workflows

Automatic multi-step conditional routing of workflows highlights all your call-to-action(CTA) areas in different contract lifecycles and achieve your regulatory goals with actionable alerts Read more..

Solution Specific Configurability

Solution configuration capability to support specific needs of healthcare organizations generating personalized reports with secured external sharing Read more..
Comprehensive Contract Solutions across Healthcare Value Chain
Get better contract visibility & access with native integration, both cloud & on-premise

Key Contracts

  • Physician Employment Contracts
  • Patient Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Shared Service Contracts & PCP Contracts
  • Special provisions Licensing
  • Record Registry & Transfer Agreements with e-signatures

Key Provisions & Terms of Negotiations

  • Physician Group Participation
  • Relationship with Hospital, Physician Group & Covered persons
  • Rights of Medical Directorship
  • Physician Compensation Management
  • Terms of policy breach or termination
  • Compliance to Medicare anti-kickback statute, Stark law & physician taxation policies
  • Equipment & facilities allowances

Key Contracts

  • Managed Care Agreements
  • Participating Provider Agreements
  • Point-Of-Service Agreements
  • Rebates, Discounts & Hospice Liaison Agreements
  • Deposits & Arbitration Contracts

Key Provisions & Terms of Negotiations

  • Nature & Course of Medical Benefits
  • Patient Healthcare Disclosure Statements
  • Regulatory Compliance to HIPAA, Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) etc
  • Insurance Coverage Areas: Nature of health coverage, covered services & points of service delivery
  • Allowed amount & clean claim management
  • Payment mechanisms & Termination

Key Contracts

  • Payer & Provider Contracts- Implied Contracts vs. express Contracts
  • Ancillary Vendor Contracts: Waste Disposal, Ambulance Services etc.
  • BAA & Fee Scheduling Contracts
  • Technology developer Contracts
  • Telemedicine Service Contracts

Key Provisions & Terms of Negotiations

  • Limitations Of Liabilities
  • Vendor Credentialing, Screening & Participation Risk Analysis
  • Vendor Compensation & Expense Payments
  • Disclosure of Conflict of Interest, participation policies & financial provisions
  • Scope of Services & Performance Standards: On-site personnel, Servicing Schedules
  • Indemnifications & Privacy Considerations

Key Contracts

  • Drug Distribution Contracts
  • Integrated Delivery Network(IDN) Contracts
  • General Services Administrative Contracts
  • Simplified Purchasing Agreements
  • GPO Participation or Membership Agreement

Key Provisions & Terms of Negotiations

  • GPO forms for submission- Request for Taxpayer Identification
  • Number and Certifications— IRS Form W-9 Payment Information Form — SF 3881
  • Compliance to federal laws & United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Nature Of Bidding submissions,
  • Procurement Methodologies
  • On-site Servicing & Consulting terms

Key Contracts

  • Infrastructure Contracts- Build-to-suit Agreements
  • Shared Facilities Leasing- Equipment, Storage, Parking etc
  • Value-based Care Agreements
  • Buy-out Contracts & Terms of entitlement
  • Functional lease Agreements; Operating, Finance etc

Key Provisions & Terms of Negotiations

  • Compliance to leasing accounting standards set up by Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)
  • Penalties assigned to each counterparty in case of damages or performance failure
  • Rights of Use & associated risk-reward model
  • Fair Market Value Disclosures
  • Day Care Policies: caregiver agreement, patient consent forms etc
Checklist for Healthcare Participants in Contracts
Checklist for Healthcare Participants in Contracts
Business Benefits

Confidentiality Management

Take control of patient data & Protected healthcare information(PHI) for research or care improvement initiatives, accreditation or improving patient safety;or license certain confidential data for specifically defined or related noncommercial purposes

Automate contract processes reducing pilferage

Avoid unwanted queries, requests & escalations resulting in data breach. Our multistep conditional routing of contract workflow engages with the correct authorities with aligned obligations for action items to streamline business operations with workflows

Improve profitability

Reduce cumbersome paper-based compliance with e Contracts and delegate time & effort on key functional areas to generate revenues.Prioritize contract work at different stages of contract lifecycle by allocating the right resources at the right time meeting contract deadlines

Set the right contract-partner expectations

Our centralized contract data repository help you deal with any anomalies or discrepancies easily by consistent audit trails & reporting. It also provides easy maintenance of e-signature & electronic records based on the legal compliance, saving organization’s resources
A healthcare organization had multiple facilities across US along with a lot of auxiliary services like ambulance, providing physician etc. It was real difficult to keep track of all the information and the metadata timely across different locations. Also, the organization had different counterparties like medical vendors & insurers who would provide life support systems, equipments etc. Managing third party relationships & providing exceptional patient care at the same time was becoming a real challenge for the organization.
With the successful implementation of eContracts, the organization now uses a single contract repository from multiple locations with advanced search options . Solution-specific configurability enabled users to add multiple metadata and contract types. Now, the organization can manage reimbursement schemes, contract deadlines & streamline multiple business workflows with a single contract management software.
Know how Optimus BT’s all-inclusive contracts solutions can help to commit your resources effectively to attain organizational goals
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