Contract Management Software for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Automating end-to-end Contract Lifecycle & Enabling Legal teams to improve compliance, collaboration and strengthen counterparty relationships.

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Legal and Contract Automation for evolving organizations in Life Sciences Industry
eContracts transforms the way contracts are managed in biotech, clinical research, medical device, and pharma organizations. It supports the unique needs and challenges of the industry thereby accelerating all stages of the drug and device lifecycle by eliminating paperwork, enabling a collaborative work and supporting process compliance across contracts, legal, procurement, and marketing functions.
eContracts is hosted on the highly secure Microsoft Azure platform, integrated with office productivity tools and extends your company’s cloud infrastructure, to ensure frictionless user onboarding, regulatory compliance while help meet market and customer expectations.
Priorities & Features Highlights
Contract & Legal Governance

Contract & Legal Governance

Spend Control

Spend Control

3rd Party Risk Management

3rd Party Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance


Automated Review & Approval Workflows

Multi-stage gate based approvals and reviews with automated task assignments and escalation rules. Read more..

Advanced Search & Discovery

Smart discovery enabled search engine for keyword and phrase, full-text clauses with comparison and documents analysis Read more..

Terms and Legal Clause Management

Inbuilt approved clauses library for template and document assembly and easy third party contract paper reviews Read more..

Multiple Legal Entities Support

Supports modeling of contract processes and governance around multiple legal entities within your organization. Read more..

Extendable Data and Reporting

Configurable contract types, metadata and data-capture forms. Report and search by Projects, Product line and other custom properties Read more..

Record Management and Auditing

Automatically capture, classify, retain, and dispose off contract documents with smart policies. Read more..
Contract Visibility across the value chain
Summary of common contract types, terms and metadata tracked in eContracts by our pharma and biotech customers

Product Research

Intellectual Property Licensing

New Technology Licensing, Trademarks & Copyrights’ Licensing, Tie-in arrangements & Grantbacks, 3rd party licensing & IP rights, Collaboration Research agreements

Service based licensing

Master Service Agreements, R&D facility licensing, Equipment Leasing, Franchising Agreements, Patent Pooling

Royalty Contracts

Service Completion Agreements, Strategic Alliance & Joint Venture Agreements, Sales & Marketing Contracts, Pay for delay agreements

Product Development

Clinical Trials Agreements

Policy Drafting for trial execution, Trial consent agreement via informed consent forms, terms of collaboration, Risk & Obligation agreements, Off-label use policy, ancillary trial agreements, Equity Licensing, Royalty & Royalty Stacking, Combination Products

Clinical Research Organization Agreements

IND designation requests, Confidentiality agreements, FDA/EMA regulatory approvals, Trial Milestone agreements, Quid deals, Biologic License Agreements

Financial Provisioning & Quality Control

Loan Agreements, Non disclosure agreements, LLC operating agreements, Contract for DEED & administrative services, Quality Assurance agreements

Product Distribution

Contract Manufacturing Agreements

Licensing out of drugs or medical applications to counterparties or third party manufacturing, Quality Assurance Protocols, Production Quantity & Schedule Drafting, in licensing and out licensing, sub-licensing, Claims and Settlement agreements

Master Service Agreements

Execute SOW and establish the nature of associations and expected future deliverables. Sales distribution contracts and Market development agreements

Materials transfer Agreements

Transfer agreements of IP rights medical devices, biotech equipment, cell reagents, plasmids or vectors b/w manufacturer and the licensor, regulations compliance in terms of dosage, variance

Commercialization & Marketing

Post marketing Surveillance Contracts

Safety data exchange agreements, Pharmacovigilance agreements, Drug Delivery Contracts (OTC vs Off label vs Special Provisions)

Contracts for Investigators’ initiated trials

Product information & financial disclosures,Contractors’ Supplemental Application , ANDA Licensing, Speech engagements

Indemnity Agreements

Warranties & covenants, limitations of liability, insurance contracts, shortfall & termination agreements and its terms & consequences

Minimizing 3rd Party Contracts Risk
Compare 3rd party contract language with your pre-approved clauses and templates using NLP enabled algorithms. Gain visibility to potential risk based on inclusions, alternate language and exclusions of legal language.
Minimizing 3rd Party Contracts Risk
Key Benefits
Key Benefits

Simplified Contract work, Streamlined process control

Organize, govern and automate contracts across programs, sales ops, legal, vendor, marketing and clinical functions. Improve efficiency and adoption with seamless SharePoint, Outlook and Word based productivity.
Key Benefits

Faster Negotiation Cycles and Turnaround Times

Improved contract cycle times translates to faster internal and regulatory approval flows, improved speed-to-market and competitive advantage.

Easier to discover potential Risks & Non-Compliance

Contract governance and discovery helps identify gaps in your active contracts, and enforce best practices through policies and workflows.
Key Benefits

Digitization for better Regulatory Compliance

Gain paperless control; Implement access control, User and Role based security, eApprovals, Audit trails with timestamps for better FDA, SOX, GxP and GDPR compliance.

On-time Renewals and Obligations Management

Prevent service disruption and unwanted spend with end of term Renewals and Termination management; Avoid penalties for missed disclosure, payment and reporting obligations.

Better insights & decisions across your Contract Portfolio

Overall financial and compliance insights such as revenue flow and royalties with forecasts and budgeting for your IP, grants and other Commercial agreements.
A patient-centric biotechnology company needs to oversee an end to end process of multiple contracts at a time. Routing of contract related tasks was limited to a single person, so the process was often choked in the absence of that person. The company was unable to figure out a way to know about upcoming tasks and critical deadlines associated with the contract.
With the successful implementation of eContracts, the company now uses a single platform to manage its contracts and monitor contract activities. Managing tasks related to contracts was simplified and users were getting notified proactively for upcoming deadlines.
Know how a biotech company achieved operational excellence in contract management using e-Contracts + Office 365 platform
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