Contract Migration
Our proven onboarding methodology utilizes tools and methodologies to ensure successful migration of existing contract data such as documents, metadata, counterparty data and administrative data such as user permissions, policies, alert settings, and master data from the software used for contract management. Our data migration offerings combines technology and best practices to help analyze, extract, clean, validate, load, and reconcile your data resulting in the faster go live, adoption, while being reliable, cost effective, and easier to manage.
End-to-end contract data migration process including migration strategy planning, data extraction, cleansing, transformation, loading, verification, and implementation.
Contract migrations from SharePoint libraries, ERP software, Compliance and Legal software, CRMs, Custom applications and other storage drives.
Minimize effort, reduce risk and errors using of tools and programs for automated verification and migration.
Transparent process through strong data validation, workflow, and approval practices; integration with eContracts Data Services.
Accurate and actionable data that is immediately available upon going live.

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