Contract Administration features of eContracts

Effectively implement contract management policies and monitor your contracts

Standardize contract management practices across the organization

Manage contract administration by implementing standard procedures complying with your organization’s contract management policy. Administrators can create legal entities in the system and define authorized signatories for signing contracts on behalf of the organization. A counterparty database helps manage information of vendors, third parties and partners in the system.
Contract Administration

Administration Dashboard

eContracts provides contract repository and lifecycle overview dashboards to monitor contracts for everyday administrative purposes with summary on contract status, renewals, contract expiries, milestones, counterparties, workflows and tasks. Users can drill down to get deeper information as required by simply clicking on the desired variable or information snippet.
Contract Administration Dashboard
Legal Entity Management
Contract Administration

Legal Entity Management

Manage details of multiple legal entities in your organisation and those of employees authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the company. Also, set up legal entity specific information such as default contract areas, registered address, location and currency.
Contract Administration

Counterparty Management

eContracts has an inbuilt counterparty database to manage vendor, customer and partner information including contacts and authorized signee. Counterparty record view shows you associated contracts and documents with any counterparty. Counterparty database can be built by extracting vendor or customer information from ERP, CRM and SRM via software integrations.
Contract Counterparty Management
Contract Alerts and Reminders
Contract Administration

Alerts and Reminders Settings

Alerts & Notification Management in eContracts allows configuration of alert email content, turn on/turn off conditions and other personalized user level settings. Inbuilt alerts include reminders for renewals and expirations, notifications for change in status, permissions, ownerships, workflow task assignments and request assignments.
Contract Administration

Activity History and Audit

Logs are tracked and managed at a user, contract and system level. Activity details, date and time stamp, module and username is captured along with detailed activity reports.
Contract Activity History
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