Enterprise ready Contract Repositories

Store everything about your contracts in one place

Organize information in an easy, accessible way

eContracts provides organizations with a single place to organize and store all contract-related information – documents, data, and work across teams, departments and projects, making it efficient to retrieve the information on-demand from contract repository to keep contracts moving forward.
Contract Repository

Contract Record

360 degree view of your contractual relationship in a single page record view including the primary agreement, sub-agreements, supporting documents, key terms, clauses and obligations. Also manage and track metadata, alerts, reminders, activities and workflows, signature activity and user access permissions.
Contract Record Management
Contract Types and Metadata
Contract Repository

Contract Type and Metadata

Contract metadata provides supplementary information and context to each contractual relationship. Organizations can define contract types with 150+ inbuilt metadata and define custom metadata with data types such as text, financials, lookup lists, external lists, dates, people in contract repository. Metadata serves as the key for contract compliance management, search and reporting.
Contract Repository

OCR and Contract Discovery

eContracts discovery module eliminates the need for laborious capture of information from existing, active and legacy contracts. Move signed agreements and amendments stored in SharePoint libraries, drives, file systems or filing cabinets to the eContracts repository with OCR based document search, smart metadata capture, processing and import tools.
Contract Discovery and OCR
Contract Repository

Contract Relationship Management

Provide project and vendor management teams visibility of key terms and clauses in the parent, general or blanket agreements while helping management teams with oversight and better sub-agreement compliance. Contract relationships help keep track of long-term and complex project-related deals where multiple agreements and amendments are executed.
Contract Relationship Management
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