Collaboration and Productivity in Contract Lifecycle Management

Accelerate contract management processes with eContracts and meet deliverables on time

eContracts helps you in each step by showing what’s next

Enhance efficiency in the contract lifecycle process through multiple features like user dashboards and request portals that help in receiving updates on assigned tasks, deliverables, etc and making formal requests to the legal team for contract drafting, amendments and other related work respectively. Cycle-time reports give crucial insights on processes that can be optimized for better performance.
Team Collaboration and Productivity
User Dashboard
User dashboard is a personalized summary view of what a user is assigned and is working on such as reviews, milestones or renewals. Drill-down enables quick navigation to the records behind each task, update or statistic.
Team Collaboration and Productivity
Request Management
Request module is a portal where business users can submit requests to the legal or business teams to get reviews and approvals for new contracts, amendments and 3rd party contracts. Features include configurable forms, automatic assignments and approval workflow routing based on the type of request.
Team Collaboration and Productivity
Legal and Contract Service Desk
Automate and manage legal requests from eContracts or email clients. Enable self-service for common business user needs such as drafting Non-disclosure agreements and retrieving insights on specific contracts or counterparties.
Team Collaboration and Productivity
Cycle- time reports
Customize and create reports on contract cycle-times and analyze time spent on individual contract tasks and activities. Identify bottlenecks in the contracts pipeline and accordingly make changes to contract process workflows.
Team Collaboration and Productivity
Outlook based productivity
eContracts add-in for Outlook helps users take actions on contract notifications and tasks directly from the mailbox. Features include ability to save emails as contract related correspondence, uploading document attachments from email to contract record, posting quick requests and managing tasks and alerts.
Team Collaboration and Productivity
Calendar, To-dos and Notes
Important dates tied to contracts like renewals, milestones, obligations and other deadlines appear in your calendar. Tasks are color coded to highlight their urgency and users are redirected to the task details from calendar itself. Users can keep notes and todos related to any contract as part of the contract record.
Team Collaboration and Productivity
Office 365 and SharePoint, Single Sign on
Active Directory federated authentication removes the need to administer separate user accounts and credentials for eContracts. Users can securely login to eContracts using same credentials used for Office 365 and SharePoint and switch seamlessly between applications.
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