Accelerate Sales Contracting with eContracts
Self-service contracting for Sales with maximum compliance and visibility
Most organizations use CRM systems for storing sell-side agreements that lack in contract lifecycle management, collaboration and governance capabilities. Sales and Sales Ops have inherent needs that require contracts to move faster within stakeholder and governing circles, something CRM systems are not equipped to handle. eContracts meets contract management needs of Sales by providing workflow visibility that expedites contract creation, approval and signature along with a host of other benefits.
Centralized Repository and Reporting
Instantly access information on customers, resellers, distributors and other groups that you have contracts with. Keep track of your contracts in a centralized fashion, get status updates and find opportunities for cross sell and up sell.
Centralized Repository and Reporting
Faster Contract Approval and Negotiation Cycles
Send contracts for review and get quick approvals from legal and business stakeholders using eContracts workflows. Decrease negotiation cycle time by sharing key information promptly with counterparts via a secure external portal. Administration of document versioning and permissions is automatically dealt with by eContracts so your sales teams can focus on their goals.
Templates, Compliance and Risk Management
Reduce dependency on legal teams with templates for standard sales agreements. Complex, non-standard agreements can be routed to legal and business reviewers for feedback and negotiations. Create fully compliant contracts easily with less effort with Document Automation and Self-service wizards.
Templates, Compliance and Risk Management
Improve visibility and teamwork
Obligations and Renewal Visibility
Prevent missed opportunities or penalties with active obligation tracking in eContracts. Get notified on upcoming contract renewals with customers and business partners and create opportunities for more revenue. Drive accountability and customer satisfaction by meeting deadlines agreed upon in signed contracts.
Salesforce Integration
Sell-side contracts i.e agreements with your customers, licensees, distributors, resellers and OEM partners are of utmost importance to your bottom line as they highlight the terms of your organization’s revenue streams.
eContracts for Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform allows sales, sales operations and legal/compliance teams to collaborate, streamline and optimize the sell side contract management process improving the quality of your sell side contracts, while providing visibility into the process and metrics.
Sales representatives spend most of their working hours in Salesforce and Outlook. With eContracts, you can plug-in contract management capabilities including submission of contract requests, self-service contract creation, legal review requests and alerts right into Salesforce and Outlook to offer seamless, and an engaging experience for your sales teams.
Salesforce Integration
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