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Individuals and teams at sales department are focused on generating sales and leads without losing any opportunity, as they often have hectic targets to accomplish. eContracts subdues potential delays from financial or legal teams in a sales process due to contract reviews or other processes. Thus, leveraging the sales teams to close deals faster and without any obstacles.

Self-service Contract Creation

Self-service contracts can be formulated using standard templates that are prior approved by financial and legal departments for all types of sales deals. Our solution spends less time in creating the contract while staying 100% compliant and risk-free, it helps you to close deals faster.

Contract Administration >

Deviation alerts

When information is at your disposal, it is easier to craft a solution at a faster pace that fits the customer requirements optimally but it is vital to remain in control of the contract and meet all financial and legal guidelines. Any deviation from these guidelines must be reviewed and approved to avoid any unnecessary risk.

Risk and Compliance >

Approvals – automatic routing

Businesses have to move fast and concurrently maintain control. With eContracts, approval routing can be automated in the organization in accordance with designed workflows that fits foremost to the business process. You can configure our solution to accommodate your business processes and diminish confusion, who should have the access and to whom the document should be routed.

Document Automation and Workflows >


Control Contracts - Meet Financial & Legal Guidelines


Increase Sales Velocity

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