Training & User Onboarding
Our training and user onboarding process starts with understanding user training needs and objectives. We map the total effort required for the project which gets included in the overall project plan. A few clients adopt a casual strategy to training and expect a lot of flexibility in the way content is both created and shared within the organization. Some would incline toward a full-scale, organized training program, arranged by an in-house coach who might better comprehend hierarchical culture and procedures of the organization. Training delivery and duration also vary according to the complexity of contracts, user roles and skills, process maturity, project stage, and learning objectives.
The product capabilities can be easily learnt using standard tools such as on screen help, cheat sheets and recorded demonstrations while some implementations require customized training solutions which would include specific topic identification, trainer preparation and building new learning materials. Performing common activities like search, approvals, or submitting a request would be self explanatory, training is required when the product has to be introduced in the context of organizational contract processes and policies, especially when migrating from a paper or email based process.
Training Tools & Features
Training environments to allow staff to learn and experiment the software as they learn.
On-screen help is integrated into the application and available on-demand making it very intuitive for end-users to access in-context while they work.
Short, practical “How-To” videos for common use cases and getting started.
Customized on-screen help text and prompts with organizational language in user forms and pages.
Labeling of views, reports and menus to provide contextual information to business users.
Configure text and format for all email alerts, reminders and notifications sent out of eContracts.
Customized Content development and delivery capabilities for effective global delivery.
Options for customized for instructor-led training, online training material, workshops.
Satisfaction and quality assessments for all training programs.
Continuous reinforcement programs for new concepts, features and tips through email.
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