Get rid of emailing, printing, faxing, and scanning contract documents

By partnering with industry leaders in electronic signature and integrating their capabilities into eContracts, we bridge a key gap in taking contract lifecycle completely paperless. eSignature capabilities with eContracts to get contract documents signed securely with short turnaround times.
Key Features

Contract Record interface initiation

Users can initiate the electronic signature process from counterparty contacts managed in eContracts, from the Contract Record interface.

Status tracking and Reporting

Signature Status Tracking automatically captures and report on signee name, action, email, date and time.

Set signature recipients and order

Get eSignature from multiple signees in preferred order by adding signature placeholders (or just drag and drop) within the document.

Auto-posting of signed copies

Completed documents get attached back to the appropriate eContracts document folder and the status gets updated whether signed, declined, or expired.

Email Alerts

Emails sent out to recipient inboxes for signing notifications, status updates, and sharing of final signed copy.


Protected by e-signature laws around the world and robust, bank-level security.
Our eSignature Providers
Adobe Echo Sign for eContracts
Citrix RightSignature for eContracts
WordPress Image Lightbox Plugin