Industry Solutions

Growing contract volumes have made contract management exhaustive and complex. In digitally transformed era, enterprises and organizations need faster, easier, cost and time efficient contract management solution, which is easy to Implement.

Our comprehensive and customized contract management solution – eContracts, is fully integrated solution that fits needs of different industries, managing all aspects of a company’s contract management lifecycle, including contract creation, administration, monitoring, and performance measurement.

Pharma & Lifesciences
Manage contracts across pharma and life-science industry and prevent revenue leakage with our eContract. With our eContracts, you can address these challenges and improve organizational efficiency by using analytics insights for more profitable pricing decisions while managing the increasing complexity of contracts and adhering to stringent compliance requirements.
Project based Contracts
Search, update, manage, edit and analyze your projects faster and in more effective way for every contract stored in your system. Our customizable eContracts – management solution, benefits your business by giving detailed contract information ranging from invoice amounts to key timeline dates, track pending, approvals and monitoring workflow.
Oil & Gas
Globalization, deregulation, joint ventures, commodity pricing, market demands, government policies and regulations, increased compliance and risk mitigation requirements have dramatically changed the oil & gas competitive landscape. With eContracts you can optimize contract management and other business processes and improve asset and resource utilization, while-while offering security features, strict access control, customized alerts and reporting capabilities.
Professional Services
Create and maintain electronic repository for all of a professional service company’s contracts by protecting contract information by employing an audit trail and customizable permissions that limit access to the appropriate people within the organization. You can configure and automate workflow with our eContracts, which enhances your relationships with partners and clients by fulfilling commitments on time using contract-related alerts and reminders.
Supply Chain & Logistics
Optimize costs and improve profitability while streamlining supply chain and logistics. Our eContracts efficiently and in cost effective manner helps you in strategic sourcing, contract management, supply chain planning & scheduling, inventory management, sales order management, logistics fleet management, warehouse management, and warranty management that optimize business results and heavily impacts the efficient management of supply chains and logistics.
Automates and simplifies contract lifecycle and record management for hospitals, research institutes and pharmaceutical distributors. Our customizable eContracts has catered to healthcare industry more effectively in managing healthcare supplier and procurement fulfillment transactions including invoice management and compensation. Ensuring personal health information (PHI) data privacy and security, while reducing overall risks and enhancing organizational efficiency.