Document Automation & Workflows

eContracts equips business users with a comprehensive tool set of self-service contract management features through an easy to use portal like interface. Highly configurable forms, with a brief guide for each field in business language coupled with pre-approved contract document templates make it dramatically easier for standard contracts such as Non-disclosures to be created in minutes. Route agreements to legal only for usage of non-standard clause or terms.

The process of automatic multi-step conditional routing (based on contract value, contract type, or any contract data) for internal sign-offs saves hours administrative tasks. With our workflow configurator, organizations can easily translate process flow charts and authorization matrix into user tasks, actions and decisions.

Document Automation & Workflow Features

Document Automation with Templates

Save time in creating contract document templates through our automated contract creation process. Our standardized language and formatting allows non-legal users to create new contract documents easily.

Contract Files & Folders

Cleverly organize large volumes of documents and folders-per-contract with our intelligible contract files & folders feature. Further, allowing you to search and retrieve contracts easily.

Conditional Workflow Routing

Route your review and approval workflows based on rules/criteria involving contract value, business area, standard or non-standard agreements, etc.

Role-based Assignment

Administer and course your workflows based on roles. Roles can be customized and managed on bases of privileges and administrative capabilities depending on contractual value.

Counterparty External Reviews

Negotiate back-and-forth between counterparties through secure sharing of contracts and individual documents, so that your stakeholders are on the same page with regards to terms and conditions.

Task Assignment & Delegation

Allocate tasks and workflows to the relevant users through email notifications and dashboard alerts. Users can also delegate others to perform tasks on their behalf.

Staged Serial & Parallel Assignments

Add multiple stages in the review or approval phase for more structured and hierarchical processes. These stages can be guided to multiple users sequentially via serial assignment or simultaneously via parallel assignment.

Why choose workflow & document automation?

Ask for a real-time demo of our workflow configurator and self-service document automation capabilities to understand how it can quickly improve the operational visibility of your contract process.
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