Financials & Obligations

Contract performance is all about driving home business value from carefully negotiated terms. Project management, procurement or sales tools don’t bring together all the subtle ‘terms and conditions’ in line with transactions and obligations.

eContracts financial and obligation management features help in planning your overall spend and revenue for the entire contract lifecycle, getting them approved by project, sales and procurement users and allows for financial reconciliations with ordering and financial systems. In addition, enforce policies and always have a holistic view of terms and conditions that flow through from master or global agreements.

Financials & Obligations Features

Obligation Management

Manage and track contract obligations with effective control by connecting with defined set of milestones. Receive performance reports, timely user alerts and email notifications at contractual level from time to time for possible actions.

Contract Currency Conversions

Handle your international contracts with ease and stay unhindered with the risk of volatile currency market. eContracts allows you to draft contracts in a base currency and make payments in another.

Contract Revenue & Spend KPIs

Maintain a trail of all the financial transactions. Both, buy and spend through integrations with order and payment systems. Financial planning can be made for the payment transactions and investments based on the contract revenue and spend.

Obligation Fulfillment

Fulfill contractual obligations and convert them to assets. Commitments under ownerships are mapped into an obligation calendar that throws timely alerts and reminders, which are further configurable.

Contract Financial Tracking

Track contractual revenue and spend at fingertips. eContracts generates financial projection reports that show financial breakdowns and calculates revenue or spend, taking the contract value based rules and commitments into account.
Take your next step towards to acheive full visibility of your contractual spend and revenue.
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