Financials & Obligations

Contracts are all about the business value they generate. KPIs and tools used for projects and teams management don’t really work.

Our solution enables you to track key milestones and contract obligations, more effectively and efficiently in a cost-effective manner. Salvages you from the risks of currency conversions carried out during contract deals. This smart eContract solution helps businesses to maximize values by planning finances and ensuring compliance. It has ability to identify sell-side and buy-side contract and provide report on projections and predictivity to calculate revenue and spends. Also leverages you to manage obligations across timelines.

This improved methodology of managing contractual obligations cater to the growing revenue and profitability of an enterprise in this competitive scenario, compared to traditional rudimentary practices. Our built-ins and add-ons serve to the rights and obligations of each party for a specific project or timeframe and creates a financial impact.

Financials & Obligations Features

Obligation Management

Manage and track contract obligations with effective control by connecting with defined set of milestones. Receive performance reports, timely user alerts and email notifications at contractual level from time to time for possible actions.

Contract Currency Conversions

Handle your international contracts with ease and stay unhindered with the risk of volatile currency market. eContracts allows you to draft contracts in a base currency and make payments in another.

Contract Revenue & Spend KPIs

Maintain a trail of all the financial transactions. Both, buy and spend through integrations with order and payment systems. Financial planning can be made for the payment transactions and investments based on the contract revenue and spend.

Obligation Fulfillment

Fulfill contractual obligations and convert them to assets. Commitments under ownerships are mapped into an obligation calendar that throws timely alerts and reminders, which are further configurable.

Contract Financial Tracking

Track contractual revenue and spend at fingertips. eContracts generates financial projection reports that show financial breakdowns and calculates revenue or spend, taking the contract value based rules and commitments into account.
Generate value for your business

Track key milestones and contract obligations, more effectively and efficiently in a cost-effective manner and maintain a trail of all the financial transactions- buy and spend.