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OptimusBT offers you an exhaustive Contract Management Solution on Azure platform with Office 365 subscription and on-premises with SharePoint Server, depending on the organizational needs. It allows you to share physical resources in a secure, scalable and cost-effective manner, it is designed to adapt to the different business environments and geographical standards. The Optimus Cloud platform is built on the Microsoft® .NET Framework and employs JQuery, CSS, Azure Storage, Azure Blobs, Azure Queue, and supports industry-standard XML.

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Auto-Scaling – Increases Performance of Site
Our eContract solution uses platform’s auto-scaling feature to manage a number of users, volume of documents or requests. It dynamically allocates the resources required by an application to match performance requirements and satisfies service-level agreements (SLAs), while minimizing runtime costs. It runs scaling if the average percentage of CPU usage goes above or below specified thresholds; role instances are created or deleted without bulking.
Token Based Authentication
Token-based authentication is one of the core elements of scalable identity and authorization management. Token authentication is stateless, secure, mobile-ready, and designed to grow with the organization’s user base. eContracts uses industry standards that provide a set of protocols for interaction with a service to delegate authentication or provide authorization.
Secure Backup & Restoration
Data stored in Azure Storage accounts is very securely protected in Microsoft’s data centers. There is very little to worry about any contract data residing in Azure storage to be lost. eContracts, at an application level, provides data backup and restore feature for the Windows Azure storage account, including Table Storage and Blob Storage. This includes all contract metadata, documents, counterparty information, logs, user profiles & alerts, workflows, and history, enabling a 100% data restoration of application.
Integration With Existing Applications
The Optimus cloud platform is extensible and integrates easily with existing enterprise applications and business processes and in many cases, can augment or extend their functionality making it rich in value. Seamless integration with existing IT ecosystems, enables IT to control access to CI classes, entire records, individual fields, and attributes, to ensure only authorized users can update CI records. And also an integrated SLA engine enables IT to track CIs against service levels and operational agreements, to share information on channels and in Live Feed.
Global Network of Microsoft Data Centers
Deployed on Azure platform and configured with Office 365 subscription and SharePoint that is maintained by Microsoft- assuring 99.99% security, availability, scalability and easy to use. Microsoft provides global data centers and reduced latency and high network bandwidth, with a formal system to manage contracts with vendors, customers, partners, suppliers and also allows you to share your links with counterparties across the globe.
Workflow Configurability
Empowers you to thoroughly define and enforce your organization’s business process workflows by configuring data. It allows the user to map the business process linkages of the functions and data elements across the entire contract lifecycle and governance process. It is integrated with the email-based alert system that enables communication of workflow events, subscribe events and notify workflow participants.
IP Hardening
Uses IP address restrictions feature to define rules that allow or deny access to content or API for a specific IP address, both internal or external to the organization. eContract administrators can provide IP addresses explicitly for which the eContracts application requests should be accepted. Unauthorized IP address will be forbidden access.
Security Model – Roles
Powerful and flexible role-based access control over the entire eContracts application. From an overall module level, from a specific repository down to an individual data record or document. Setups complex user access scenarios to fit an organization’s need, restricting privileges to view, modify, and recreate rolls over document libraries.
Leverage Existing Infrastructure
Designed to leverage your existing infrastructure integrating seamlessly with the Microsoft stack and day-to-day user tools, helps to streamline sales, vendor and legal processes within the organization and get more efficient in improving turnaround times for customers and allows your organization to implement solutions that end significant revenue loss, time and expense.
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