With our deep industry expertise and groundbreaking consulting, we customize eContracts for your unique industrial requirements and assist you to implement that would improve and grow your business.

Contract Lifecycle & Administration

Our consultants understand your organization’s Contract Lifecycle & Administration Management needs and advises you on structuring it in accordance with company’s requirement. We scrutinize every stage of your contracting method and provide you the best practices for your process. Our Consultants also provide you insights on how the entire contract management should be administered. This consulting covers all your hierarchy and access privileges, approval system and maintaining records till your contracts are expired or terminated or ready for next negotiations.

Legal Compliance & Governance

With improved rules and controls in eContracts, our solution keeps you compliant at all the stages. legal clauses, playbooks, standard & non- standard clauses, legal approved document templates and legal negotiation processes are ingrained in eContracts to take care of legal audits. We provide contract areas that are standardized along with their requests and metadata with reports and alerts. Individual users and groups are given access to these business areas with specific security privileges.

Risk Management

With our eContracts, penalties for non-compliance, unintended auto-renewals, missed opportunities from special terms and rebates, and payment errors incurring fees and penalties can all be avoided effectively. It mitigates risk through the systematic administration and management of different counterparty agreements.

Infrastructure Consulting

Our consultants help you to decide your Microsoft Azure infrastructure as per your contracts and data volume, to stay agile and responsive to a volatile business environment. Our maverick team understands your business zones and work schedules, to perform scheduled maintenance and upgrades/updates at the time when it least affects your business. eContracts solution is deployed and managed in Microsoft Azure, so you can be rest assured that there will be 99.9% availability.

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