Napoleon Hill once said, “Every adversity has within it the seed of equal or greater benefit.”

Well, adversity is inevitable in our lives. We may not be able to control what happens outside but are completely responsible for our response/reaction to that.

Just like every other year, 2020 also started with hopes and goals, but surprise surprise! It had something else in store for all of us. 2020 arrived with challenges unimaginable, and that, too globally. We struggled with the situations caused due to the global crisis with the ‘pandemic’.

But still, in spite of all that, we persevered. We took the challenges head-on by coming together and supporting one another in different ways. Helping hands showered compassion from all directions…

This is our way to thank everybody who contributed!

A big thank you to all the first responders, specifically our healthcare workers – not only physicians and nurses, but also pharmacists, lab technicians, allied health professionals, administrative staff, and home health aides. We truly have a #LotToBeThankfulFor

Our sincere thanks also extends to all our loyal customers, our dedicated employees, all our community leaders, the hardy small business owners and their employees who keep the lights on and us well fed, the policymakers among so many others! We are also thankful for the various researchers, scientists, manufacturers, and so many more… all those who despite immense crisis and misery left no stone unturned to keep humanity alive as well as the economy running.

People coming together like this inspires us to strive for excellence and give back to society in every way possible. In fact, the work we do at Optimus BT, in a small way, contributes to many of the pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, manufacturers and suppliers among others across the country – and we’re committed to being inspired by many of these exemplary people and organizations in improving our services and support to them and others in the many years to come!

We’re grateful to all of you for rising to the challenges in these unprecedented times, and we’ll keep drawing inspiration from all of you. There’s a #LotToBeThankfulFor

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